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Dinos Alive Reviews



  • Sarah O.

    Fun experience, great activities for the kids, well worth it, my kids had a blast, the art work on the wall outside was amazing.

  • Canaan H.

    I took my partner and we really enjoyed the exhibit! A lot of dinosaurs to look at and the VR experience was really cool too. Would definitely recommend!

  • Rowena M.

    It was great! Very organized and clean! My son had so much fun.

  • Lidya C.

    We had a great experience! Well organized and health protocols were in place. Beautiful exhibits and some fun interactive ones for kids. Highly recommend.

  • Armando R.

    The exhibit is great with fun activities for the kids. Dinosaurs seem life-like in size and appearance. Would definitely recommend it to all ages!

  • Stephanie M.

    The Dinos Alive Exhibit was better than I imagined. There were a substantial number of dinosaurs exhibited accompanied by video. The lighting and decor added to the experience. The interactive stations were great…both my 3 year old grandson and my 23 year old daughter enjoyed them.

  • Daniel C.

    Absolutely thrilling!

  • Max S.

    A beautiful experience. With beautiful colors. Really enjoyed it!

Practical information

  1. Date: From September 2023
  2. Opening hours: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday: 9h-16h30

    Friday: 09h-18h

    Saturday: 09h-18h

    Sunday: 09h-16h30

  3. Duration: the visit will take approx. 35–75 minutes depending on how deep you want to know our dinosaurs. You can read really interesting info about them!
  4. Location: 62 Dawson St, Brunswick VIC 3056, Melbourne, Australia.
  5. Age requirement: All ages are welcome! Kids 3 or under do not need a ticket to attend
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  •  - Dinos Alive Exhibit Melbourne: An Immersive Experience
    "This walk-through, family-friendly event will entertain amateur palaeontologists of any age with over 80 realistic, life-size installations and moving dinosaur replicas."
    Irish Examiner
  •  - Dinos Alive Exhibit Melbourne: An Immersive Experience
    "This is amazing" "It feels like you're in Jurassic Park"
    Ireland AM
  •  - Dinos Alive Exhibit Melbourne: An Immersive Experience
    "Dinos Alive: An Immersive Experience, a necessity"
    Irish Independent
  •  - Dinos Alive Exhibit Melbourne: An Immersive Experience
    "...travel back to the dino era for a roaring good time"
    Raleigh Magazine
  •  - Dinos Alive Exhibit Melbourne: An Immersive Experience
    "Everything in here looks so realistic...such a fun experience for both parents and kids"
  • Add-on Child Dinos Costume

    Includes a Dinos costume so your child can enjoy their visit in style and mingle with other Dinos! *Size suitable for children
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    Add-on Child Dinos Costume

Meet our dinosaurs

Meet all these species and many more!

T-Rex - Dinos Alive Exhibit Melbourne: An Immersive Experience
Also known as the Tyrant Lizard, this fierce predator could consume up to 500 lbs of meat in one bite!
Stegosaurus - Dinos Alive Exhibit Melbourne: An Immersive Experience
This 2-ton spiked dino was not very clever—its brain was the size of a walnut!
Ankylosaurus - Dinos Alive Exhibit Melbourne: An Immersive Experience
This heavily-armored herbivore had protective bony plates, a clubbed tail… and a surprisingly muscular tongue!
Parasaurolophus - Dinos Alive Exhibit Melbourne: An Immersive Experience
We’re still not entirely sure what the crest on its head was for—it could be a trumpet to call others of the group, or just a way to tell each other apart… some used to think it acted as a snorkel!
Pachycephalosaurus - Dinos Alive Exhibit Melbourne: An Immersive Experience
When discovered in the late 19th century, the skulls of this bone-headed dino were mistaken for dinosaur kneecaps!
Suchomimus - Dinos Alive Exhibit Melbourne: An Immersive Experience
This lesser-known predator was about the size of a T-rex but mostly ate fish, as it didn’t have very sharp teeth!
Velociraptor - Dinos Alive Exhibit Melbourne: An Immersive Experience
This swift thief, which rose to stardom thanks to the cinema world, was actually much smaller than portrayed on screen—it was only about the size of a turkey!
Gorgosaurus - Dinos Alive Exhibit Melbourne: An Immersive Experience
Scientists know quite a lot about this bipedal predator—more fossils have been found for this dino than any other Tyrannosaurid!


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62 Dawson St, Brunswick VIC 3056, Australia

Dinos Alive app

The Dinos Alive app is an essential tool for the budding archaeologist. With it, you’ll be able to look up any dinosaur you come across. Younger scientists can also scan QR codes containing more information about each dino!

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