Dinos Alive Houston Exhibit Reviews: The Immersive Experience

What people think about our Dinos Alive Exhibit

  • Megan P.

    This experience was very well organized and my twin 2 year olds loved it. I was worried that it might be too scary for them, but they loved it. They also really enjoyed the coloring activity at the end.

  • Rebecca B.

    Great interactive experience! Your kids will love it.

  • Hung T.

    Everyone that worked here were amazing. There were a few very friendly team members. Made the experience that much better for my son. Thanks!

  • Natalie M.

    The staff was wonderful and really accommodating for my kids. It was an excellent family time!

  • Michelle S.

    I took my nieces and nephew and had as much fun as they did! Such a great experience. I felt like we had been transported to a Jurassic zoo. Also recommend the VR experience. It’s worth the extra fee!

  • Keisha C.

    It was fun ! My daughter enjoyed herself immensely. Perfect family friendly activity that’ll wear the kiddos out.

  • Donna D.

    The experience was phenomenal!! I am telling so many people about it! Great experience!

  • Pauline T.

    If you have a dino lover, take him/her! Well worth the price.

  • Rachel B.

    The exhibit was incredible and all the employees were so kind, thoughtful, and helpful! It was absolutely a delight all around. Thank you so much for putting this on!

  • D. Nixon

    AMAZING!!! All 3 generations of our family enjoyed it!

  • Nancy D.

    The dinosaur 's we're absolutely life like. The interactive experiences were really interesting and accessible for kids. My 5 yr old grandson had a great time and so did I.

  • Michael M.

    The kids thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of this experience. The replica dinos, interactive coloring, and tossing the ball at aquatic dinosaurs were all hits.

  • Jennifer D.

    Exhibit is fun and well presented. Even on a weekend we were able to spend a lot of time enjoying. Very kid and family friendly.

  • Kristina E.

    My five year old grand daughter loved it. The enthusiasm from the staff also added greatly to the experience.

  • Vanessa T.

    Thank you for making it an experience. We have truly enjoyed coming. We are visiting family but live in Omaha, NE.

  • Carole W.

    Lots of different dinosaurs to see. Good write-ups for each display. Loved the movement, the sounds, and the light changes!

  • Jessica S.

    This was one of the best Dino exhibits we’ve visited! The fossil sandboxes were genius! The interactive ocean Dino room was a great addition as well. This event offered something for all ages, and the venue was perfect! 5 out of 5 highly recommended!

  • Lauren B.

    It was truly an amazing experience, all the kids and adults had a great time!

  • Caroline P.

    Combination of different kinds of activities made it a very enjoyable visit!

  • Shannon J.

    Awesome!!! Definitely coming back and telling everyone about it!

  • Melanie S.

    This was an amazing experience. we didn't want to leave. The staff was very friendly and welcoming, thank you so much!

  • Marisha H.

    It was my Grandson`s 3rd birthday and he had a fantastic time. You guys did a wonderful job bringing Dinosaurs to life. We were truly amazed. Thank you for a amazing time.

  • Kennedy R.

    This was so fun. My three year old had a blast and her mind was blown. We were all wowed. This exceeded expectations for a fun and different family outing.

  • Jessica D.

    Did the VIP experience and the VR was pretty awesome. You get to keep the lanyards as well. Favorite part was the interactive walls and the balls.

  • Korina H.

    It was better than expected. My 3 year old was amazed. Well done!



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